about us

Hail the Trail is a different kind of running group. Our focus is on having a healthy head and clearing your mind of it’s daily clutter. Running in beautiful surroundings and focusing on not tripping on the odd tree root helps us to live in the moment.

Non-repetitive running is proven to be good for the mind. Uneven surfaces and natural non-uniform surroundings stimulate the hippocampus which regulates motivation, emotion, learning and memory. You’re literally training the brain to function better for longer in to old age.

We don’t focus on pace or more general running performance. Although you’ll already know that hard physical exercise is good for body and mind, so we do run some tougher trails for those that are interested.

If you’ve just got started with your running, and want to try something a bit different, I can’t recommend trail running enough. Each trail run is a mini-adventure and the opportunity to get closer to, and appreciate, the amazing countryside we have on our doorstep in the UK. Also, trail running is better for your body than running on the road as the ground is generally more forgiving and your stride has to be uneven to deal with the ever changing terrain, which prevents over-loading any one part of the body in the way road running can due to its repetitive nature.

All of our profits are donated to Mind in Mid Herts (and if we don't make a profit, we donate £150 anyway)